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2019 Chinese Horoscope Rooster

Year of reflection and also of much movement awaits the sign of the Rooster, who will prove that not only can he achieve what he wants, but he will show everyone the great internal strength that he possesses. It will be a 2019 full of activities, but also many rewards to your efforts , so you should feel very proud of every achievement you have. The months of February and March will be complex, but if you manage to fight your problems, then you will have a very auspicious outlook for the rest of the year. Face the fears, remember that you have a lot of internal strength, you just have to dare to show your power. The months of October and November will bring you knowledge and your finances will increase thanks to a very generous Land Pig.


While 2019 the sign of the Rooster will smile for all work or academic achievements, it is very important that you realize that love is a fundamental part of your life. Singles should prioritize the love of family and friendship at all times , since you could make some mistakes if you only look at the love of a couple. Calmness and patience will bring to your life new people and new experiences that you should value. This new period will bring an intense reflection to the life of people of sign Gallo, especially by the positive influence of the Pig of Earth in terms of filial love. The family will be much more important than in other years and those who do not have a partner they will receive great shares of affection and attention from friends. By the middle of the year it is expected that those who have a partner begin a new process together with the loved one. The first months will be difficult and there could be several discussions, all because of an apparent defeat that will only be a minor setback and time will be in charge of demonstrating it.

Work and Money

The mistakes you made during the past period should help you learn valuable lessons and focus on improving those negative aspects of your life. The work will be a good refuge for those who face emotional problems and the best months for the work will be June and July. That period will bring more attention to your good work and a lot of flattery for your great intelligence, so you should take advantage of this to try to move up. The finances will peak during the months of October and November , at which time you will realize that all the falls you have had have taken you to the top. Businesses will be strengthened during the months of August and September , period in which you will be much more open to listen to interesting proposals and you will have the confidence to take more risks.


The year will start a bit complicated, so you will have the tendency to react badly at the slightest provocation. Find something that will help you, something that calms you down and allows you to get in touch with your inner part in a positive way. A jade stone will give you calmness and help you cleanse every negative thought that comes to your life. Sunflower will be your lucky flower , which will help you attract better job opportunities and more money. Your color of strength will be green , which will give you peace and help you not to decay before the adverse scenarios you can find.

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