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Rabbit Chinese Horoscope 2019 :

Chinese Rabbit Horoscope

The sign of the Rabbit must control his impulses, since the Land Pig will call him to keep his composure in difficult situations and to silence before committing an indiscretion. You should value silence and learn to listen more to others , because in that way you will achieve what you have proposed. The usual speed with which this sign moves must be replaced by a more leisurely path, since that will help you see the full picture that you will face every day. Pig will fill you with benefits in love, but it will also teach you a lot of responsibility at work, which will result in a very productive year for the sign of the Rabbit in every way.


2019 will be an excellent year in love for the sign of the Rabbit . Many will feel a strong desire to become independent, but they will maintain the bond with the family and they will strengthen it in the middle of the year. Others will continue to build their relationship, but with some inconvenience during the first months of the year, all because of that desire to do everything for you and not accept help from those who love you. For people with a Rabbit sign who are not in a commitment, it is recommended to make important decisions regarding the family. If you decide to take the flight during the year, it is much better to do it during the months of October to December, at which time those who do not have a partner will find the courage to leave home and start a life alone. Those in love with the sign will have a positive year in terms of passion in privacy and commitment. During the second trimester complications could arise due to the lack of time and those who have a partner will see their life somewhat hampered by the constant complaints of the loved one. It will be essential to value and deliver part of your time to the person who is always with you.

Work and Money

The beginning of 2019 will be hard for the sign of the Rabbit, since the month of February represents a time of austerity and moderation in spending. The renewal you must do in your attitude toward your responsibilities will be extremely necessary for 2019 to be successful in the workplace. The months of August and September they represent a period of hard work, but also of many gains, since during those months you will be more receptive and act with astuteness. The months of June and July will be ideal to recover old ideas or projects that you had left aside because you did not have the money to make them come true. During those months new contracts and better opportunities for business will begin to flow, since your intuition will be at its highest point and you will have to take advantage of the possibilities that it will give you.


The sign of the Rabbit must regain enthusiasm, especially after a tough start to the year in the workplace. Try to fill yourself with activities that give you, not only divertimento, but also knowledge and bring you in some way to your spiritual part. Your lucky flower will be the garden and your power stone will be the volcanic rocks , which will fill you with energy and will remind you that you must fight hard for what you want. The colors that will help you attract the most positive things will be warm colors, such as red or yellow .

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