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Pig Chinese Horoscope 2019 : Chinese Horoscope pig 2019 is the year of the Earth Boar, which indicates that it could be one of the most successful periods for the boar sign in every way, but many will see it differently. Those who do not accept that it is a period of maturity and insist on irresponsible attitudes will spend an uninspiring year, but if you embrace change and progress, then you will have an excellent 2019. In love you should listen to your heart and appreciate the family value. In monetary terms you will receive the arrival of large profits from the second semester . It will be a year of few complications, since you will quickly find solutions for any problem that may affect you.


The sign of the boar does not usually fall quickly in fantasy, but prefers to keep your feet on the ground, especially in love. In spite of this, during the previous periods you had the tendency to imagine much more than to specify and 2019 represents a period of maturation , something that will affect love in every way. Those who do not have a partner will realize how important the family is. The lawsuits of the past will begin to be left behind and the quarrels between brothers will be solved, especially for those who have been separated from the family for years. The friends will be somewhat distant in the life of the people of sign Boar, since during 2019 they will give more importance to the family nucleus and not so much to the friendships. Those who have a partner They will live quite positive days for the relationship. The months of March and May could be somewhat complex, since during this period you will be with many worries and very aware of your work. The months of the second semester will be much better for the relationship, but you should try not to get too far during the first period.

Work and Money

The pig will bring you high profits in business and in your personal projects. The work will be enhanced by the positive influence of the responsibility and the realistic ambition of the pig, who will teach you that many times the saving and the moderation in expenses is the best way to achieve your projects. The months of February and March they will be decisive for those who want to start a new business during the year, since in this period the sign of the wild boar will shine with greater force. The best time to look for a job or to change course professionally will be between the months of August and September , while the best days for new investments will be those of the month of November .


With the arrival of 2019 the sign of the Boar will realize that you have missed some decisions during the previous periods, but if you get depressed because of it is that you are not understanding the true purpose of this year. You must grow, mature, dare to change your lifestyle and make stronger decisions to achieve your goals. The color that will accompany you will be the gold , which you can use in the form of some gold jewel or in your wardrobe. The flower that will give peace and harmony to the family relationship will be the lily and your stone of power will be the amethyst . Many times you will face stress and to calm your anxiety I recommend drinking a cup of chamomile with honey periodically.

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