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Free Ox Chinese Horoscope 2019 :

2019 Chinese Horoscope Ox

The sign of the Ox is preparing to receive a very positive year in all aspects, since 2019 will be the beginning of new projects and important solutions for certain problems that affected the life of this very special sign during 2019. It is very important that use the good energy that you will give this year in your benefit and that you propose much more ambitious goals than you have had until now. Not only positive thinking will help you focus your energy and concentration, but also your potential to attract good things to your path. Try to focus on it much of the year, do not be afraid of new challenges and always seek knowledge in every way. In love you will enjoy family stabilityand those who have a partner will see how the bond strengthens after the difficulties of the first period of 2019.


The characteristic timidity of this sign in the conquest should not be an impediment to give love one more chance. The family will charge a very important value in the middle of the year, so it is expected that any problem you have had with a member of your family will be solved as of that date. Those who do not have a partner will achieve greater stability in their lives and will not feel loneliness as a burden, but as an opportunity to find what they really deserve. During the second half of 2019 you will realize that your friends are a great support and those who are not contributing something good to your path will go on their own. The love life of those who do have a partner will be sweet and pleasant during the first half of the year, but with many possibilities to improve during the second period. It will be a year of firm decisions and entrepreneurial projects within the commitment, so many will make the decision to join the finances to those of your partner and will do well.

Work and Money

Leaving in the past that lonely aspect that many others see in you will be essential for the work to be much more beneficial. During 2019 the sign of the Ox must learn to work as a team and not reject the good options that may arise from a good working relationship with others. The most positive month for finances will be February, which will allow you to start the year with a big smile and hoping for the best for the future. During the months of May and July you should be careful with risky investments, since in that period you will be with your mind focused on other aspects of your life. The best month to make risky movements in the economic field will be October , since during this month you will be with your intuition much more attentive and you will be able to sniff out the best investment opportunities.


As you have already read, many times you will have to renounce certain things in favour of your success, one of them will be irresponsible acts or people who do not contribute something good to your life. It is important that you focus on delivering the best to those around you, since that will allow you to achieve something better for you, especially if it is real family and friends. The marine stones will be of great help to keep your mind calm and a balanced mood. Colors like turquoise or moss green will give you peace and harmony to your home, while simple flowers, like daisies, will help you maintain a happy spirit and remind you of the value of appreciating the simplicity of life.

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