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Monkey Chinese Horoscope 2019 :

Chinese Monkey Horoscope

The sign of the Monkey will use all its cunning and intelligence during the first months of 2019 to cement its path to success. It will be a year of many personal discoveries and a lot of compassion towards others. You will return to your natural essence and try to help those you love in the best way you know how to do it, giving unconditional support. The value of your delivery to others will be very well appreciated by those around you and during the months of October and December you will receive very good rewards for your selfless help. Giving greater importance to love and friends will help you see life in a more positive way, which will surely bring even more benefits to your path.


The Year of the Land Pig will be very generous with the sign of the Monkey , since it will help him to pay more attention to what he was neglecting by prioritizing his ambitions. It will be a period of high concentration in the workplace, but in love you should also try not to lose any detail, as this will avoid arguments with the couple or with members of your family. The romance will not be reserved only for those who arrive at 2019 with a strong relationship, since those who have a partner and they have faced complex moments during 2019 will be strengthened and will reach important agreements where love will prevail above all things. During the months of August and September you will be much more receptive to the needs of your partner and that will help the commitment to become stronger as time goes by. If you have ended a relationship before the beginning of 2019, then you will have the opportunity to enjoy much more of the important people in your life, because as you know, the Year of the Land Pig favours the family union in every way . The love of friends will also look well aspected for the sign of the Monkey, being the friends of many years who will become stronger.

Work and Money

The trust person should be the most important point for your work year to be successful in its entirety. Teamwork will be a good impulse to recognize your talents, but the work you do without help will be the one that will really show you how good you have to deliver. The most positive months for work will be those of August and September , at which time you will want to get much more and you will be ready for it. In business it will be very necessary for you to trust your instinct and stop feeling defeated by small failures, especially during the first months of the year. The period of greatest success in finance will be between the months of May and July, which will help you generate the necessary income to carry out your personal projects, which will be successful before the end of the year.


The innate madness of the Monkey sign will be modified by a much more mature behaviour, but not for lack of emotion. You will have to repair some faults or mistakes that you made in previous years and for this you can help with a powerful amulet, such as blue topaz , which will help you to recognize your mistakes and apologize in case you have damaged someone. The flower that should reign in your home or in your garden will be the carnations of different colors , which will help you attract good energies from those around you. Your color of strength and positive attraction will be the gray tones , which will bring you maturity and enhance your ability to reflect.

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