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Horse Chinese Horoscope 2019 :

Chinese Horse Horoscope 2019

The sign of the Horse always seeks new horizons where it can feel free and 2019 will achieve it. The maturity that this sign will adopt will be of great help so that the new year will be totally successful in every way, so that the sign of the Horse will return to run free towards the triumph while it manages to overcome some obstacles that stopped it. The good work and love aspects that 2019 brings will make the sign of the horse of highest priority to work as a team and leave solitude aside for a while to focus on meeting their goals to the eaves of someone special. This will favour work in general and love will receive all the sweetness that this sign is capable of delivering in its most positive moments.


The love will bring pleasant surprises for those who have a partner and for those who do not have a relationship will find in the family a good refuge of growth and positive thinking, although they will not be exempt from difficulties in the plane of friendship. Many will think that it is not worth the effort to maintain friendship bonds and they will be in error, since the second half of the year will prove that the closer the people who love you are, the better the future will be. Who are in a relationship beginning the year they will be able to maintain a strong and stable commitment throughout 2019, but not without striving to make the couple feel comfortable again, giving much more priority to communication. During the first half of the year you will have the tendency to close your heart and not talk about what complicates you, but if you leave aside the stubbornness you will have a much more open and understanding relationship during the second half of 2019. v Love will not be relegated only the family for whom you do not have a partner, since within a new group of friends could be born something more than a tender friendship with a special person. If that does not happen, you should take advantage of the time you spend with your loved ones to learn valuable lessons about understanding and tolerance, something you often lack, especially when you run out of patience.

Work and Money

2019 will not be that period of sudden success that you expect, but it will be a year to discover new talents in you and to learn that many times you must keep quiet and comply with certain indications in your workplace. It is not characteristic of this sign to only do what you are told without a justification, but during 2019 your ambition will be more powerful than pride and for this period it will be good to follow that instinct. The best months for business will be March and April , at which time you will have all the confidence to take riskier options. To increase your finances and get that salary increase you expect, the months of October and November will be ideal, since by that time you will have taken a new attitude towards work and many will value it.


In the aspect of health you should listen very well to those who want to advise you with all their best intentions. The recommendations of the family and good friends in the care you need and the precautions you must take to take care of your integrity should be taken into account. Yellow roses will be your lucky flower and will give you protection from negative energies. Rosemary will be your protective herb and mint infusions will help keep your body healthy after meals. Try to keep a rock of salt near your bed, since that will help you get rid of the negative energies during the night. Your color will be magenta, since it will give you peace of mind and a lot of inner peace.

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