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Dragon Chinese Horoscope 2019 :

Chinese Dragon Horoscope 2019

Many projects and family love await the strong sign of the Dragon, who must balance their times well to be able to perform all obligations and fulfill all the responsibilities that this year will bring. Do not let the negative influence of some people who are present in your path hamper your chance of success, you have everything to succeed and you will prove it, especially during the second half of 2019. Understand that many people do not really think like you It will be necessary for love to be maintained at a good level. The family lawsuits will be a thing of the past during the second half of the year, but in the first months there will be a tendency of lack of important agreements in the home. Solving this will help you to better fulfill your work and your path to success.


The first months of the year will be somewhat complex for family relationships and for those who have a partner. It will be a period of personal and professional discovery , so you will tend to focus only on your problems or what interests you. It is very important that you give time to those you love, since, otherwise, the second half of the year will not be as positive as it looks. The sign of the Dragon must learn to level his times and deliver a lot of himself, especially for those who have a partner , since during the year there will be some discussions due to lack of attention and romanticism. The second half of 2019 will be very positive in love, but it will not happen on its own, since you will have to do your part and fall in love with the person who accompanies you. Family love will be of great importance during 2019, since the Land Pig favours the central nucleus and filial love in every way. Although you do not characterize yourself for being a very affectionate person, you will be able to demonstrate your feelings. Those who do not have a partner they will be greatly benefited by the love and devotion of important people in the family, who will act as a circle of powerful protection against all kinds of negative energy.

Work and Money

Use all your professional knowledge during the year to shape your way. Do not pretend ignorance for fear of not expressing what you know, you must show that you are a professional who knows what he does and you must have confidence in your talent. The months of March and April will be ideal to find a new job, as the Land Pig will give you more confidence and stability during that period. Businesses will be favoured during the months of July and August and it is expected that for the month of September you will find yourself smiling because of the gains that the Land Pig will favour in your sign. The energy you need to perform a new job or change your profession will be much more present during the months of October and November , so during that date you must make important decisions.


The months of June and July will bring you a load of important stress that you must learn to fight. A salt bath could be the best way to get rid of all the negative charges you will absorb during that period. Your flower will be the rose, especially the light ones and your stone will be the topaz, both elements will help you to fight envy and generate a circle of protection around you. Your color will definitely be the violet , which will give you energy and tranquillity in the moments of greatest anxiety.

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