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Dog Chinese Horoscope 2019 :

2019 Chinese Dog Horoscope

The sign of the Dog has had to face great challenges during the previous years, so 2019 will be in some way a period to evaluate what has been achieved and draw lines towards a more auspicious future . Reflection will not be your main tool of success, however, during this period the action will be what will bring you the greatest benefits. Some falls during the first months of the year will make you rethink certain decisions you have made, which will finally be very positive, since from the month of July you will begin to have greater benefits for your work . Love will be totally healing in your life and will help you overcome difficulties with great support behind your back.


Love will come to the life of the sign of the Dog in mysterious ways and those who decide to follow a path alone will find a good refuge in family and friends. The new friendships will be strengthened in the month of March and some people close will decide to go to other places during the month of August, so a great change in your social and emotional life is expected. The couple will be essential for those who have a commitment , because during the year you will have to face various processes that will not be entirely pleasant. Take advantage of the good energy that will be given in your sign during the month of June to deliver all the positive that you carry in your interior to the person you love. If you decide to go a step further and adopt a more formal commitment, the date indicated for this will be precisely between June and July. The months of April and May will be intense for those who do not have a partner , but not only the romance will bring blessings to your life, since the family should take a more important role in your path. The months of March to September will have to make some extra efforts to see more of your friends and spend quality time with your family, but you will achieve it if you learn to level the work times well.

Work and Money

Not only in love should you pay attention to those around you, because during 2019 teamwork will be your strength and will help you to improve every negative aspect of your professional life. Do not forget that during the months of June and July you will receive very good news in the labour , perhaps a salary increase or a promotion. The best date to conduct new business will be the months of April and May , while August and September will charge a very important value for those who decide to undertake a new project. During that time you will be much more creative and with multiple ideas hanging around your head, so try to speak clearly and express your knowledge at every moment.


The first months of the year will give you a share of stress that you think you can not handle, but it is not, remember that you have immense strength and that you have a good support group around you. The lilies will be your flower of power , which will help you to concentrate well and will bring more tranquillity to your sometimes anxious heart. Use a stone like onyx to maintain a good state of concentration, as it favours the processes of study and work. While to maintain harmony in your private space you should prefer light colors close to blue and violet .

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