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Rabbit Chinese Horoscope 2018 :

Love and eroticism are important factors, indispensable for feeling calm, happy and satisfied. This year 2018 as always and without exception the Rabbit seeks stability and romance in every situation.

However, you will need to note that your projects do not always go exactly as you would like them to. Without despairing to show more elasticity and cunning, especially if your partner does not agree with your proposals. Your happiness is important, so let go of your fears by being clear and direct, even with yourself.


This year maybe the responsibilities weigh a little. If you have to travel for example, travel will be more uncomfortable than usual and you cannot wait to find a different solution.

Do not be impulsive and expect to find a viable alternative before you leave a job. If you are in a good position, the stress for risky decision-making could push you to play on the defensive, but you could also run the risk of losing good chances. In the Year of the Dog do not be afraid to dare and take chances.

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