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Pig Chinese Horoscope 2018 :


The people of the sign Pig will have a year 2018 pious, quiet without big shocks. So, if you want a dramatic change, you should wait a little longer. But if you want to resolve some tension last year, this calm and peaceful air will give you everything you need. You can clarify things with your partner that do not work and enjoy the relaxed moments.

If they were undecided between the two, they will finally understand. For large projects, however, have to wait a little, better postpone the most difficult and calm, and wait for better contexts. The stories that can be born this year are throbbing as a friendship, also calm and serene.


The Year of the Dog for the native of the Pig sign will be clear and peaceful .The only drawback may be that large profits and proposals can make you wait. It will not be the right time to set in motion an important initiative, better postpone and wait for a more propitious moment. It will be favourable to cultivate and maintain its steady growth. True, there is a period of great problems, so you can breathe a sigh of relief and enjoy the fruits of your well-deserved efforts.

After all, he is very committed, that persevering and restraining his ambitions will not hurt him. There will be more opportune moments for success and to be able to evaluate impartially the most appropriate moment is wise.

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