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Horse Chinese Horoscope 2018 :

The Horse needs to open its way in his heart, he is a wild spirit who love the gallop of the parities of life and now he is dreaming an oasis of calm, moments of tranquillity and situations of silence.

Emotional needs change, they are not always the same and they need to think about their plans and maybe even about themselves. Character is not very introspective and it is likely that at the base of your change there are events that push you towards an unusual attitude.

If you have the right person at your side capable of inspiring you let yourself go to everyday and projects. If you are alone do not be carried away by your desire and take the risk of falling on the first adventure in the hope of being the last. Carefully select your partner who should be at your height and is not an easy task.


It would be better to proceed with caution, without neighing and crashing to the ground at a gallop. The profession is not in the foreground and you are likely to find yourself having to deal with some issues.

They deal with issues you may face, such as any unforeseen, workplace disagreement or a novelty that worries you, can also increase competition. Whatever the situation, facing it better remains lucid and calm. Do not lose your temper and above all do not be impulsive. If the role you have is narrow and you feel constrained by the claims of an aggressive person or by the same rules, you can react vehemently and combine a disaster, but it will have an impact on your own work. As long as you reflect, you can avoid it. The same applies in matters of money.

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