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capricorn marriage and family horoscope  prediction for man and women

Capricorn Marriage Horoscope or Free Family Horoscope for Capricorn : You may be too demanding and may have very high expectations from your partner. You must learn not to always take the lead in intimate matters. You regard social status as very important and will look for a partner who will enhance your status.

The year begins with small frictions at the beginning of January. At the beginning of February, you could suffer a snub from a loved one, but you know how to reciprocate in the rules of the art without deteriorating the situation! Your family relationships are joyful in April but stay attentive at the end of the month if you have children. Don't let entanglements get in the way. From mid-May, your friendships triumph. Summer remains pleasant even if you reserve moments alone. In September, you no longer need others, they are present. Common leisure activities bring you together until the end of the year.

A clearer orientation in the friendships that go out of earth after May .  You will do again friends and find the old ones.  It would be a jump in your social life all new invitations to pour all the year beyond May .  A certain skepticism and the belief lack in matter love would come during this time.  It will pull towards the bottom the level of the current liaison before April .
As a whole the happiness in love and marriage matter would be present at the time of January, March, June and September. 
There would be a difficult period during February, July, September and October .