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CAPRICORN Horoscope Compatibility with ARIES : Both have strong power, persistent and don't commit serious mistakes. If you think that this situation is more suitable for a fight than for love, you may be right. They are compatible in bed, but will dispute about money, friends, career, about who is the one to take important decisions. A bit of jealousy will add fuel to the fire. Compatibility horoscope Capricorn assumes that the relationship is possible, but doubts about a happy marriage.

CAPRICORN Horoscope Compatibility with TAURUS : Both are homebody, estimate financial status and highlight the importance of security. Taurus has patience, Capricorn is ready to work for a common objective - mutual pleasure. This couple may have any crazy sex idea - all the dreams will be fulfilled. Ambitions of Capricorn match purposefulness of Taurus. Compatibility horoscope Capricorn foresees bright perspectives in all relations.

CAPRICORN Horoscope Compatibility with GEMINI : Opposite sexual natures. Gemini are impulsive and amative. Capricorn is slow, faithful and cautious. The initial attraction of the two opposite sides won't last long, warns compatibility horoscope Capricorn.   

CAPRICORN Horoscope Compatibility with CANCER : Cancer is a bit timid in sex, but Capricorn wants to be the leader. A frankness of both sides will be of much use in the beginning. Any understanding achieved in bed will help to develop the relation. They are the extremes of the Zodiac, and the results are corresponding. Capricorn will turn out to be too exigent and dominating for a sensitive Cancer. A very short romance is the most probable variant.

CAPRICORN Horoscope Compatibility with LEO : Leo thinks that Capricorn is full of love and is economical about it. Capricorn is not a good partner for Leo as he lacks imagination. Capricorn prefers to have more fire in bed. They are not very compatible physically as both are independent signs, willing to dominate outside the bedroom. During the relationship these differences won't be much a trouble, but in marriage these contradictions will be clearly seen.

CAPRICORN Horoscope Compatibility with VIRGO : Practical Capricorn matches perfectly orderly Virgo. Some misunderstanding in sex is possible, but otherwise it's OK. They get on well and are not worried about small problems. Both are conservative, dependable, reliable. It's a good base for a stable union.

CAPRICORN Horoscope Compatibility with LIBRA : Capricorn will admire sexual charm of Libra at first. But in a more close communication Libra seems to be too egoistic and don't meet physical needs of Capricorn. Being unable to express his feelings, Capricorn will be looking for other partners. It's not an easy relation. Compatibility horoscope Capricorn points out that marriage won't be successful, unless there are great financial opportunities that attract Capricorn.

CAPRICORN Horoscope Compatibility with SCORPIO : Harmonious sexual relationship. Scorpio is inventive, Capricorn is systematic. They are compatible in this field, and success in bed reveals new opportunities of their liaison. Both have strong will, but Scorpio is inclined to dominate. Capricorn understands that Scorpio manifests his power because it is the power of love. A passionate relationship and a lucky marriage.

CAPRICORN Horoscope Compatibility with SAGITTARIUS : Capricorn prefers to make sex in a comfortable atmosphere. Sagittarius is ready to do it even on a cemetery. Capricorn is prudent, conservative and worries about security. Sagittarius is an extravagant and irresponsible player. Sagittarius will get irritated, while observing the behavior of a close-fisted and responsible Capricorn. This relationship is not the best one in the Zodiac. A marriage is unhappy.

CAPRICORN Horoscope Compatibility with CAPRICORN : The romantic life will turn into routine soon. They may be lucky lovers if they aspire to get less than initially expected. No experiments will widen the horizon. But on the other hand, both work much, serious and economical. A relation and marriage may appear to be not very joyful, but they can be quite satisfied with it.

CAPRICORN Horoscope Compatibility with AQUARIUS : A romance will soon become a friendship. It's difficult for Capricorn to deal with Aquarius, when intimacy is concerned. Aquarius likes adventures in sex, Capricorn prefers more traditional relations.  Freedom-loving inventive Aquarius can't be in love with practical Capricorn for a long time. A satisfying relationship, but marriage will require efforts from both sides. 

CAPRICORN Horoscope Compatibility with PISCES : Pisces will try to play a trick on Capricorn, because that's their nature. But Capricorn is able to cope with practical jokes of his partner and he will play the main role in bed. Soon Pisces will be eager to follow him. Besides, Pisces are loving, sincere and can make Capricorn happy. These very different people supplement each other emotionally. Compatibility horoscope Capricorn gives a good prognosis for a relationship and marriage.