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cancer love horoscope and astrology prediction for man and women

1. Free Cancer Love Horoscope : Year should bring an active love life for you, Cancer. January to May month, you may even find fun and romance at work. A casual relationship may turn more serious, and marrieds make new friends and socialize more.

Even if Pluto brings a wind of lightness in your relations from March 24 to June 11, your bonds are still in full metamorphosis. Your relationship with others has been evolving for quite some time, so the more you discover about yourself, the more your outlook and your expectations of others change. Love makes plans for you: exciting encounters arise and the joy of being two is shared during the months of February, March, May and throughout the end of the year. Adjustments are sometimes essential, but it shakes especially in mid-August.

For love would be very positive during May, June, July and August. It would be indifferent time between January and April .& Distances with a partner can arise to the course March and August .