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Free Cancer Career Horoscope or Free Cancer Career Forecast : The general indications for career are very good. You have a You will be very torn this year, torn between a desire for security and a need for adventure. The Moon, your ruling planet, will send you mixed messages starting in January. At work and in your daily life, you will therefore find it difficult to stay focused. Your mind will constantly wander between “ifs” and “why not?” », between daydreams and achievable projects, between your need for material stability and a sudden taste for risk. Venus, which will largely dominate your spring, will push you to consider the voice of the heart and will awaken ideas that have been hibernating for a long time in your head. It's up to you to see if this leap into the void is possible this year, but remember that there are only two best times to plant a tree. The first was a hundred years ago, the second is today. The phase of high activity will become more rational now, comparatively, after June 12. You can take again projects starting now. You go now, nevertheless, be prudent on the manner of which look at you your life and the plans usually. A certain quantity of negativity could put in pessimisme could hit to your psyche also. You must keep the high head and believe in itself, little imports, which are luck.