Virgo Boss Horoscope

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Strengths: Pragmatic, Realistic, Matter-of-fact
Weaknesses: Unresponsive, Unsympathetic, Cold
Interactive Style: Literal, Concise, Economical
The Virgo Boss Personality

A lot of people don’t like working for Virgo’s. They have a reputation of being just the tiniest bit critical. They not only notice everything, they have no problem sharing their insights with you. The thing about Virgo is they don’t see it as being critical. They think they’re helping you. You’d want to know about that misspelled word right? Likewise you would want to know if your socks are a shade off to match your shoes and that your office plant needs water right? All this ‘helping’ can be kind of discouraging if your Virgo boss forgets to balance out their comments with as much praise and encouragement. You must remember that Virgo is always holding themselves to a standard of perfection. Most Virgo’s are hardest on themselves. They are usually much more tolerant of you than they’ll be of themselves. Your boss has a kind heart and sweet spirit. Most are usually big animal lovers as well. If Fido needs to go to the vet, Virgo is the boss that will understand. Likewise health issues are right up their alley. Some can be a walking drugstore. They are able to tell you what to take for your headache and find the right dentist for your kid’s teeth. They buckle down and manage more work in a single day than the rest of the office put together. If a job is worth doing, it’s worth doing perfectly, is their motto. Want to make some Virgo brownie points – Be on time and have a tidy desk. Believe me they’ll notice.