Scorpio Boss Horoscope

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Strengths: Well-directed, Protective, Powerful
Weaknesses: Inflexible, Unforgiving, Harsh
Interactive Style: Serious, Hard-driving, Dominant
The Scorpio Boss Personality

If you are working for a Scorpio boss you already know all about how hard they work. This man or woman has a goal and will let nothing stand in their way to achieving it. Single-minded describes them well. Their eyes stay on the prize and if you want them to notice you, that’s where your eyes will be as well. And speaking of eyes, you’ve probably noticed that gaze right? The eyes of the Scorpion look deeply into yours and you find yourself squirming in your seat. They seem to know you were late for work yesterday just by looking at you. Don’t’ try and fool them – ever. Believe me they’ll find out and you don’t, repeat don’t, want to get on their bad side. It’s far better to tell them the truth, no matter how disagreeable than try and pull the wool over their eyes. They respect the truth. If you are working hard they can be the best boss in the world. You will get all the tools you need to do your job, clear expectations and a firm due date. This sign has a reputation for secrecy. And it’s well deserved. Don’t expect them to regal you with tales of their wild past and misspent youth. They’ll make sure you know only what they decide you need to know. You however, may find yourself spilling out all the family skeletons. Scorpio’s really focus and listen when you speak. If you are looking for advancement stick around. As they climb the corporate ladder they’ll take their loyal staff right along with them. Want to make some brownie points with Scorpio – Tell them office secrets.