Pisces Boss Horoscope

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Strengths: Affluent, Fluid, Empathic
Weaknesses: Easily manipulated, Oversensitive, Overprotective
Interactive Style: Relaxed, Adaptable, Influential
The Pisces Boss Personality

I just love the sign of the Fishes. Pisces is the visionary of the zodiac. It’s as if they all listen to a music only they hear. Sounds nice in theory but what if you work for one? Pisces tend to struggle with day to day particulars. Firm commitments and rigid deadlines are not where they excel. Where do they excel? In the arts, no question. Art, music, books all speak to their heart. They are great actors and many can be found on the stage. If they are an artist or musician they can make their own schedule and be their own boss in a very pleasing way. But being the boss of other people can be a bit of a stretch. This sign is subtlety tuned in to everyone around them. Emotional sensitivity is the guiding force in their lives and they make excellent healers as a result. Many Pisces work in hospitals or therapy areas. We have a creative soul here and that creative spirit cannot always be confined to set hours and days of the week. The people around them will end up trying to protect Pisces in some way. It’s as if they all sense the vulnerability of this sign. The more unscrupulous Pisces can take advantage of this and end up as the best con artist imaginable. But for most Pisces they fight the good fight between their soft heart and practical head. They can change and adapt to almost any situation. And like the Sagittarius they make excellent salespeople. Want to make Pisces brownie points – Help keep them focused. They’ll recognize you for the jewel you are.