Leo Boss Horoscope

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Strengths: Fair, Proud, Commanding
Weaknesses: Egotistical, Power hungry, Self-centered
Interactive Style: Friendly, Open, Generous
The Leo Boss Personality

Working for a Leo boss can be loads of fun. They have a certain spark that seems to light up any workplace. Let’s fact it, Leo’s can be the life of the party. There is a certain flair that gets them noticed. But make no mistake, they are no lightweight. They have high standards. Extremely high. Their pride is at stake you see. Any work they put forward is not only going to be right, it’s going to be the best. Something they can be proud of. Their egos are legendary. But once the President of the company has praised their work, they’re going to be sure to praise you too. Giving credit where credit is due has never been their problem. Sure they want the ego strokes but they are generous about passing the praise around. Plenty for everyone is how they think. They will back your original ideas and embrace a creative solution. This sign is probably the one that invented the phrase ‘thinking outside the box’. If you have to give them bad news sandwich it between two positive statements. They don’t take well to negative news. If they have a plan you better get on board and be the biggest cheerleader in the office. He or she can sometimes take comments or observations as criticism. And they HATE being criticized. As long as they know you’re on their side they’ll be on yours. Want to make some serious brownie points – Flatter, flatter, flatter.