Cancer Boss Horoscope

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Strengths: Low-key, Easy, Harmonious
Weaknesses: Overly demanding, Expectant, Particular
Interactive Style: Persuasive, Feeling, Empathic
The Cancer Boss Personality

Cancer is a cardinal sign and is one of the signs of leadership. Most people underestimate the Crab but there are plenty of them in major management positions. Cancer is the sign of home and family. So if you work for a Cancer one of two things will happen. They either start to see you as family too or you end up hearing about their family at work. Sometimes both. It doesn’t matter if your boss is a man or a woman they hate being away from their children. You will hear all about little Jack’s first step and how smart little Jill is at her new pre-school. Be sure to praise their kids. Admire new pictures and ask about the latest cold. Both men and women will start to mother you as well. They are leaders who will make the whole department feel like family. Cancers succeed in their position because they want the rewards that come with success. Not for ego or applause but because they want to know their future is secure. Security is big with the Crab. Security and money go together. No question Cancer can sometimes be a little tight with a dollar. They go by the old saying “if you take care of the pennies, the dollars will take care of themselves”. If they know you have your eye on the budget, so much the better. They can be moody too so watch out. After awhile you’ll just know what kind of mood they are in and act accordingly. Want to make brownie points with your boss – Bring them something homemade. They’ll love you forever.