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Symbol - The Lion
Ruling Planet - The Sun
Birthstone - Sardonyx
Lucky Flower - Gladiolus
Lucky Color - Orange

The Leo personality

If your Baby were born in Leo sun sign, it or it is usually a happy extravert which likes the capacity. A child of the Sun is sincere, honest, magnanimous, and proud. Like the adults, they are generally positive and dignity.

Leo child is philosophical, force, and conclusive. Because they are ensured, Leo to show the faith, the hope and of force. The Leo baby is ready to be energetic and sumptuous energy expenses and of money at the time of its sympathy or interest is caused. Leo kids are generally popular and even a temperament, but fast with anger if their Léo baby pride is wounded. Leo babies always to aim at stars, and with their determination and their self-confidence, Leo generally result in the children.

Leo child is daring, without fault, and are not afraid and sometimes must be taught to slow down its exuberance. Léo love with being with the head of things.

Leo child have great capacity of the organization and the command to be able to usually bring success. Leo kids are of charm and to excel like the artists, actors and musicians, and to better succeed where they have authority or when they are titular of responsible management position.

Leo baby most compatible with Gemini and Balance signs.