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Symbol - The Crab
Ruling Planet - Moon
Birthstone - Ruby
Lucky Flower - Water Lily
Lucky Color - Green

The Cancer personality

If your child were born in cancer sign, it or it has sentimental and general-purpose nature and a constructive imagination. Cancer Baby is sympathetic nerve and talkative, likes the house and the family, and has a tough memory, especially for the details and the historical events. Cancer child appreciates the praise and is encouraged by kindness. This child will make the happiness of beautiful landscapes, romantic parameters, and of new adventures.

Cancer children seem to take his retirement but are positive, tough, and the love to be noticed while appearing in being modest. They are not opposed to glory, even if they can sometimes be timid. The cancer child likes to be the ancestral elderly, habits, and things in connection with the past who have sentimental value. The cancer of the children often has sharp, alerts face.

This imagination, the impressionable children of many changes in their life until they find the position or of the occupation where they feel car-policy-holder, integrated well, and appreciated. Their greater attribute is the love of their house. They can turn in anything a splendid environment. They like to travel and are particularly found sea.

Cancers Baby are more compatible with Poisson and Scorpion.