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Symbol - The Ram
Ruling Planet - Mars
Birthstone - Aquamarine
Lucky Flower - Daisy
Lucky Color - Deep Red

The Aries personality

If your baby were born under the sign from the Aries, it or it has qualities which it is necessary to be a leader. Aries people are pioneers and visionaries in force, the energy and of inspiration for people around them. Aries baby are aggressive and enthusiastic, still inclined with being compulsive and fast in action. The baby born with this sign can be obstinate and impatient but still attract many admirers for their confidence. When disputed, the Aries baby a frightening adversary which is at the same time daring and firm.

The pioneer of the instincts of a Aries child should be encouraged. Their aspirations must be taken with serious and give more an great attention.
Aries-thinkers are always of planning for the future and the illusionism of new ideas and the modes, they are often regarded as being well in advance over their time. Aries make better manage the companies or the companies and while pressing on the unknown fields.

Aries are most compatible with Sagittarius and Leo signs.