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aquarius lucky horoscope and astrology predictions for man and woman

Lucky days for Aquarius : sunday may bring fortune.
Monday : for personal happiness.
Tuesday : for victory, power & status.
Wednesday & Friday : Avoid anything afresh.
lucky number for Aquarius : 3, 9, 4, 1, 2 & 7 are in this order lucky to you. Avoid 5, 6 & 8.
lucky Stone for Aquarius : Yellow Sapphire for sound bank position, use it on a gold ring for any litigation.
lucky color for Aquarius : yellow, red, orange, cream are favourable.
From 16 november to December 31, will remain your career in a state of luck and dynamic.  As a whole of this period will be to bring new timeliness in the abundance.  As long as you are able to show discernment in your career choices, a very good growth will be possible starting now.