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Aquarius Horoscope Compatibility with ARIES : You are a couple with major interests in common. Both signs are independent, caring, optimistic and enthusiastic. With great affinity for social events will you show as partner to stand in relationships, Aquarius through your great communication skills and Aries with its great character role.

Aquarius Horoscope Compatibility with TAURUS : The relationship with Taurus looks very erotic at first but your attitudes are completely opposite. Aquarius you feel attracted by the practicality of Taurus but do not manage to understand the Taurus rigid and inflexible character.
The relationship will be fruitful if the commitment and stability are not involved. The stubbornness of the two signs is very harmful to maintain a good relationship, but with effort you might have a very satisfying emotional life with Taurus.

Aquarius Horoscope Compatibility with GEMINI : Aquarius and Gemini is an ideal couple, both enjoy the company of others and know share the same interests and the same views.
It is important to emphasize the great communication between the two signs. The discrepancies that may arise in the relationship will be favorable to avoid routine and to give a touch of excitement in the relationship.
A Gemini loves the originality of Aquarius and you will impress the unpredictability that can be Gemini.

Aquarius Horoscope Compatibility with CANCER : Support for Cancer may seem difficult because Cancer is a traditional and conservative sign, the opposite of Aquarius are independent and like freedom, but if there is love and willingness to strive for respect is it can be favorable.
The beginning of the relationship will be a challenge for you and your Aquarius independent nature takes you away from the emotional stability, and Cancer is a planner and conservative sign.

Aquarius Horoscope Compatibility with LEO : It is your opposite sign, so the relationship can be either very good or very bad.
The molds to your want to send, but if he gives a lot and feels cornered disappears.
You like the inventive original Aquarius knows how to be sympathetic in any environment, if you want to retain your side do not show very possessive.

Aquarius Horoscope Compatibility with VIRGO : The romantic relationship between Aquarius and Virgo is very difficult but not impossible. You are two signs that are mutually attracted by nature but both have philosophies completely different life.
Virgo is attracted to the humanitarian and social attitude of Aquarius which is an important element to maintain a base in the relationship. To ensure that the relationship is favorable will have to try not to be so idealistic with each other, Aquarius, you must show more tolerance expectations Virgo and use your most powerful skills for successful emotional attachment.
Aquarius Horoscope Compatibility with LIBRA
Libra compatibility is excellent.
Note that both are air signs and communication and affinity highlighted in your relationship. Libra brings creativity in your partner while Aquarius have the decision to perform that skill. Libra loves capacity you have for the initiative while Aquarius respect the way of being balanced and harmonious Libra. Love is intense and sincere in the relationship, emphasizing diplomacy and tolerance of Libra to soften the stubborn side of Aquarius .

Aquarius Horoscope Compatibility with SCORPIO : The relationship with Scorpio is passionate and highly sexual attraction.
The compatibility between Aquarius and Scorpio is not very satisfactory because they both have very different personalities with fixed ideas. Scorpio is a sign very emotional and passionate while Aquarius is more practical and distant. For the working relationship is important for both Aquarius and Scorpio learn to appreciate and understand the differences without being stubborn in your speeches.

Aquarius Horoscope Compatibility with SAGITTARIUS : The union between these two signs is very positive for the sincere expression of feelings. Aquarius feel a great attraction to Sagittarius and you will be reciprocated in emotions. Aquarius will share your freedom and adventurism with Sagittarius. You form a couple with major interests in common and the relationship will be lasting and stable. A Sagittarius loves the pursuit of innovation and creativity that prove Aquarius, so your free spirit captivate the heart of Sagittarius. In the intimacy you will show Aquarius with Sagittarius passion and express their deepest emotions.

Aquarius Horoscope Compatibility with CAPRICORN : For the relationship is positive is important that the two signs are complementary. Aquarius creative, skilled and highly adaptable you are, which appeals greatly to Capricorn. Instead Capricorn is more practical, fair and consistent sign, which is positive to form a large complicity in the relationship. The activity in the relationship will be intense as both you like adventure and excitement. Blending be adequate because Capricorn is a sign that stands out for ease of control the economy, and Aquarius are somewhat neglected in finance, the perfect match.
The compatibility intimacy is ideal because each brings news to life sexual another.