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virgo lucky horoscope and astrology prediction for man and women

Lucky days for Virgo : speculate on friday.
Wednesday : Sign new contracts.
Monday & Tuesday : Avoid anything afresh.
lucky number for Virgo : 5, 3. Numbers 6 & 8 For finance, fortune & family
lucky Stone for Virgo : diamond. Avoid ruby and pearls.
lucky color for Virgo : white, cream, orange, green & light blue. Avoid red.

Positive and lucrative tendencies between February 18 March and 5E, June 14 to July 20, October 9 to October 29 . 

Virgo Horoscope predicts a certain unknown fear and stress it between April 3 and May 11, October 30 to the the end of the year.  It ya the period to pass with prudence and maturity.