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Its a sentimental mood to the Day this valentine’s  day with the Moon entering into the sign old-fashioned of the cancer at first of the morning.  Therefore to prepare itself for this romantic valentine day with a summary of which the This valentine’s  day can bring to your life in love. 

As a whole, the traditional gifts, activities and reminders of the passed will go further that the screens flashy of affection and of promises for the future now, because they represent the security that is necessary under influence Cancer.  Go to a place where the romance began is an excellent means of itself reconnected to the root of a relation.  Favorite films, restaurants and activities underline the solidity of a partnership. 

Doubt could brake the mood of the vacation thanks to a lunar opposition to excessive of Pluto   at first of the day, but the opposition of the Moon to Venus, the planet love, in the evening can transform the darkest mood with a pleasure evening.