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taurus marriage and family  astrology prediction for man and women

Taurus Marriage Horoscope or Free Family Horoscope for Taurus : You tend to be over protective of your partner. Due to the influence of chandra you will get married early. Your partner is likely to be very moody at times.
May would see a sudden change in the manner of which perceive you relations and the basic dynamics of love as well as the marriage questions, if they are married.  So alone a new relation would come suddenly and in a manner unexpected after May begins.  You should take your time and avoid precipitate itself in relations without holding duly counts. 
If you married, the period would see certain distances and resentment towards his spouse.  You need to rationalize the expectations of his spouse after May . 
Matters love and marriage would be positive during January, April and September.  Distances and certain problems can arise during May, November and December If you are unmarried, of very good luck of marriage are present this year, after May.