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TAURUS Horoscope Compatibility with ARIES : Two completely different personalities. Taurus doesn't like when somebody is hurrying him and will damp ardor Aries, who is more inclined to impulsive sex. Taurus doesn't have a delicate sensual imagination and won't be able to meet expectations of Aries, if he will only be guided by emotions.  Compatibility horoscope Taurus predicts a hot and fierce relationship, but in marriage Taurus will have to neglect unfaithfulness of Aries.

TAURUS Horoscope Compatibility with TAURUS : They are not well matched sexually. A woman is over-romantic in love; a man has a more realistic nature. A Taurus man may like better the company of other men. He also likes to go around with women. As for Taurus woman, she can't stand cheating and lack of being concern of her partner. A relation is sure to be a lovely one, but compatibility horoscope Taurus fears about the future of marriage. 

TAURUS Horoscope Compatibility with GEMINI : movable hesitant Gemini are in quick distinction with faithful Taurus. But creative character and imagination of Gemini create liking Taurus. maturity of Taurus appeals to Gemini. However Gemini are annoyed by sluggish reaction of Taurus and his proletarian Compatibility horoscope Taurus predicts a dull relationship and ill-fated perspectives of marriage. 

TAURUS Horoscope Compatibility with CANCER : Taurus thinks Cancer is a romantic partner, able to meet his prospect. Firm Taurus won't be put off by variable mood of Cancer and firmness of his aspiration, which may be a enough cause for not rushing to begin sexual relationships. Both have a strong wish for a obsessive emotional life. If they are satisfied with sexual side, the relationship will be quite acceptable and marriage is promising to be successful.

TAURUS Horoscope Compatibility with LEO : Taurus will have to put up with great self-respect of Leo. Leo plays the main role in the life of a lover. Leo is lively and compassionate; Taurus is more reticent and selfish. Compatibility horoscope Taurus sees no difficulty in sexual life in case Leo is the one who sets the pace and the fortitude. Leo is hard to please and this may make difficult the relationship. It is not a very good match if you are considering a relationship point of view. 

TAURUS Horoscope Compatibility with VIRGO : Taurus physical character is more strong and revealing, and he may be annoyed by puritanical inclinations of Virgo. Virgo prefers straightforward ways of making love and avoids extremes if possible. Taurus is not in opposition to simple things, but he is tireless in sex and that may worry Virgo. Otherwise, the relationship is quite secure and a joyful marriage is possible. But a compromise in sex will be most necessary.  
TAURUS Horoscope Compatibility with LIBRA : Libra will bring a lot of emotional warmth and understanding into sexual life of Taurus, essential for allowing for and solving all the physical problems. Libra makes aroused and then satisfy the partner. Taurus is also persistent, so the possibility of mutual satisfaction is quite high. Taurus plays a leading role in bed. A connection is quite "lovely" and a good coalition over a long period of time is most likely.

TAURUS Horoscope Compatibility with SCORPIO : Both have the alike strong sexual desire. Even though nobody feels a requirement of romance outside the relationship. Taurus may be adamant while irritated, and Scorpio in anger will terrify all the signs. Compatibility horoscope Taurus expects a violent relationship; marriage is possible if both partners show patience to each other.  

TAURUS Horoscope Compatibility with SAGITTARIUS : There is a threat that Taurus always try to take under control the total life of a freedom-loving Sagittarius. He won't be successful anyway. Tremendously sexual Taurus will be happy with obsessive imagination of Sagittarius, but will be aggravated by his aspiration to look for love anywhere it is achievable. They will be happy together, but casual Sagittarius is usually a better lover then a other half.

TAURUS Horoscope Compatibility with CAPRICORN : Both signs have strong sexual desire. But no one urges towards spontaneous pompous sex. Capricorn is inclined to hide his desire and this type of behavior doesn't appeal to Taurus. Taurus wants to go his own way and Capricorn definitely not approves it. This relationship will lack romance, but fervent relationship and a stable partnership is possible.

TAURUS Horoscope Compatibility with AGUARIUS : Aquarius wants to know about themselves and are not as interested in the physical side of relationship as Taurus. Aquarius prefers logical message, but sensual Taurus won't be pleased with this type of love.  On one hand, Aquarius consider Taurus too demanding. On the other hand, he likes to learn the technique of sex and this may persuade him to get mixed up. The affiliation is accidental, marriage is bleak.

TAURUS Horoscope Compatibility with PISCES : Pisces have an unpredicted personality in sexual relationship. It is difficult for Taurus to get along with his partner. Sharing physical Imagination of Pisces, determined Taurus manage to achieve great pleasure. The achievement of sexual synchronization depends on Taurus. Compatibility horoscope Taurus sees a passionate relationship and an satisfactory marriage.