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When discuss about astrological compatibility between two partners in terms of personal relations, there are so many several factors to be looked at. Sex Astrological compatibility is a complex thing which is composed at various levels: emotional, sexual or mental, which is evaluated by the astrological analysis. There some general rules to estimate the potential of the relation.

The first thing to be taken into account constituting a whole of partners compatibility is to look at the sun signs each partner was born. Here, the essential principle is to examine the sex astrological compatibility of the elements of each person was born under.

four elements in each one of astrology Zodiac signs:-

Fire element - Fire signs (Aries,Leo,and Sagittarius)

Air element - Air signs (Gemini,Libra,Aquarius)

Water element - Water signs (Cancer,Scorpio,and Pisces)

Earth element - Earth signs (Taurus,Virgo,and Capricorn)

When the two correspondents horoscopes of the partners, astrologers to pay attention to aspects sun form signs between them. Although the aspects are generally regarded as more or less favorable, today more and more the use astrologers " term; for the difficult aspects and " comfortable" to facilitate the aspects.