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scorpio horoscope and astrology prediction for man and women

Free Scorpio Forecast : You will have strong powers of self expression. You are very independent and normally you are very self confidant. You have a strong urge to rule, but you must learn to use power wisely. You will have good health and you are likely to be courageous and honorable.
Free Horoscope for Scorpio : Would be a fascinating year for you, since you will find support and the development in new areas  from multiple sources today.  You will find a new intellectual one in most of the things that you done now.  The Horoscope Scorpio predicts that the year will retrieve a lot of occasions as a long time as you are sufficiently supple to receive these.  You temperament could more be obsessed after May begins, and that could be a reason to lose interesting timeliness today.  If you look at objectively the events, you will find very good occasions, to the interior and to win fatty. 

For the period to the beginning of May your mental capacities would be appreciated. capacities creators would be at a level record also.  This period you wish to see as centers knowledge for the family and friends, as well as in your professional life.