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PISCES Horoscope Compatibility with ARIES : The relationship with an Aries is very special because both are two totally opposite signs but that produces a mutual attraction with great complementarity. Aries often take the initiative and helps you strengthen your decisions Pisces. Aries will offer you the security you want in your life, so Pisces will feel attracted by the joy and vitality that Aries can offer.
Pisces are a sign that draws heavily on Aries for your great mystery and romance, also highlights your great understanding and caring capacity.

PISCES Horoscope Compatibility with TAURUS : The relationship between Pisces and Taurus is very favorable for the development of a balanced, stable and altruistic relationship. To you Pisces I love the patience and tranquility that gives you Taurus, and great communication that you have made possible that love is intense and sincere. The emotional union will be fruitful and great mystery in the relationship that will encourage not get into the daily routine. Taurus gives you security and confidence, however your Pisces you make the connection between them is at a deep level both emotionally as sexually.
You possess great communication skills and family relations are excellent.

PISCES Horoscope Compatibility with GEMINI : Compatibility with Gemini is difficult but if you provide to Gemini Pisces true love and passion relationship can be stable and lasting. Gemini attracts you and gives you confidence, maturity and understanding and that is very favorable for the sentimental attachment. Your Pisces looking intense and overbearing love for what Gemini is a sign to find that inner growth you so desire. You share a large independent and free side so that understanding is possible. For the relationship to be consolidated is very important sincerity and expression emotional feelings. In the privacy complicity it is mutual.

PISCES Horoscope Compatibility with CANCER : The union of Pisces with Cancer is a relationship based on romanticism, imagination is a remarkable element in both signs. Cancer is kind and that lets you enjoy a sincere and very emotional relationship.Pisces are emotional and sensitive to what you complement the characteristics of cancer, which stands out for its understanding. The connection between the two is ideal, plenty of interests share Pisces with Cancer and an example of this is the ease of family life and the trend home.

PISCES Horoscope Compatibility with LEO : The attraction you feel toward Leo is caused by the related sensitivity that you share. Leo is fiery, sensitive and loves to worship. Pisces your great romance and mystery conquest day Adia Leo.The relationship is balanced and romantic. When conflicts arise between partners know Leo can balance your insecurity and express your big fancy and esoteric desires.
You form a good couple as Leo is a sign that likes to take care and love your partner with great passion and you helps you overcome your moments of uncertainty and fragility.

PISCES Horoscope Compatibility with VIRGO :In this relationship Pisces show your best qualities which provides ease Virgo to solve their internal conflicts. The emotional attachment is in great harmony and emphasizes virtue and honesty that you show each of you. A Virgo is fascinated by your intuitive personality and mysterious, and you'll attract the intelligence Pisces and Virgo showing attention.The relationship is consolidated quickly and coexistence is exceptional. You form a couple with a lot of complicity and Virgo are hardworking, generous and organized what he brings to the relationship a favorable social and economic comfort.
PISCES Horoscope Compatibility with LIBRA :
Pisces your specific interests and tastes are matched with the interests of Libra. You have different personalities but complementary forming a stable and positive engagement. Libra will be your artistic aspiration so Pisces can develop very creative facets to promote relationship. Pisces are sensitive, romantic, dreamy and reflective so it's complicity with Libra is ideal because Libra is a friendly, optimistic and flexible sign.

PISCES Horoscope Compatibility with SCORPIO :Yours Pisces relationship with Scorpio will be based on the complicity You keep both mentally as físcio. Both are intuitive by nature and together you manage all goals, your communication skills highlighted in the couple and the initiative is a key element. Pisces have the need to maintain moments of solitude and reflection which Scorpio supports and values. Scorpio is attracted by the personal characteristics that have Pisces you are sensitive, sentimental and kind, important aspects to conquer the emotional Scorpio.   

PISCES Horoscope Compatibility with SAGITTARIUS : A relationship between Pisces and Sagittarius can be very intense in the beginning but fails to consolidate and is unstable. Pisces are sweet and very susceptible which clashes with the sincere and open-minded character of Sagittarius.
The relationship can be very positive if concret is both common future projects.Solidarity stands out in your relationship and you favor the relationship Pisces thanks to your thoughtful and accommodating nature.

PISCES Horoscope Compatibility with CAPRICORN : Pisces are very compatible with Capricorn, both possess great respect and sincerity with fidelity are important and priority development of the relationship elements. A Capricorn loves your romantic, sensitive and emotional nature. To you Pisces will attract the characteristics of Capricorn such as honesty, sincerity and the protection afforded you. At home complicity for coexistence is excellent.