Sagittarius Love Horoscope 2018

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For five years, you have entered a free and fun tonic, full of ups and downs that have made you stagger more than once. You start a courtship that is then interrupted suddenly or traumatically. Creations, emancipations, fleeing, appearances and disappearances occurred.

Some Sagittarians, bored with their formal partner, are looking for boyfriends to make their lives an adventure. Learning: to establish a new model of exchange that guarantees the individual development and commitment of both parties. Otherwise, there is a risk of cutting. In 2018, those born in the third dean ate will feel it; Those of the previous deaneries will establish the new affective pattern.

This year 2018, the destination offers you elements to nourish your individual path and the one of the other, to enter and leave the relationship in a natural way, and thus add new ingredients.

During 2018, links and affections are disrupted and then rebuilt in another way. You will not speak the same language again with the other. In some cases, integration takes place thanks to an equitable commitment to mutual commitment and independence. Key: to balance family and work responsibility with creative spaces.

If you are insecure, your self-esteem is low and you do not taste the airs of freedom; It was time to make you stand, stand on your feet and do what you like. At the same time, this forces you to grow and start more mature relationships with other equals. In one way or another, you free yourself from a weight and include what you lack: independence or duty.

It will become clear what is missing and what is needed to build something stronger and more durable. This will require an extra commitment of both affection and material. In 2018, those belonging to the second and third deaconates are recorded; Those of the first deaconate reinstall the mutation. The lunar eclipses of July 7 and December 31 and the solar eclipse of July 22 will affect the sector of money and intimacy shared in the couple.