Leo Love Horoscope 2018

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For a long time, the Leo opened their hearts to others with more sweetly. Some fell in love with a great illusion and others found the great love of their life. The planet's influences of lying and fantasy continue on the terrain of the couple. The key represents the full expression of the soul's sensitive channels.

Your sexuality is released; you open yourself to experiencing unusual states in intimacy. Learning try everything you need, but do not be surprised that the other is as you would like. Try to do a personal job to become you, from toad to prince or princess. We give them what they can do. In 2018, those born in the third deanery will be more affected.

During 2018, what is explained in the previous paragraph will be reinforced with the appearance of loves, people with a certain aura that will give an interesting flavour to your experience. Possibility to reinforce confidence in relationships and express emotions. There will be good agreements. Many Lions and Lionesses will announce their wedding and other surprises. You will give another meaning to the model of couple, will guide another way to develop and compensate the energies next to each other.

During the year 2018, one of the main issues is to unite responsibility with freedom in the relationship. It will be beneficial to explain mutual duties and rights. Is there feedback? Do you just take responsibility and give the other freedom, or vice versa?

If you are able to see your potentials and defects, and those of the other, you will not idealize it or detract from it, you will give it the one that is just and real. The couple needs to grow and relocate in a place of greater benefit. In 2018, conflicts will deepen in the relationships in which you share sex and money.

In some cases, the gains from your partner will be reinforced. You will suffer swings or delays. The ability to give and take in the bond will be evident. For this reason, if there are substantial differences, a definitive rupture can result. Without reaching that end many Lions will reformulate the codes of exchange and will generate another situation, predisposition and roles in the relationship. Tip: long and short talk about unresolved material, emotional and sexual issues; Take action together!