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Leo sign compatibility with Aries : The natives are usually kindly disposed and generous towards each other. But, they can encourage each other to various excesses and over indulgences that can be very harmful to one or both. Some times, the girl's moralizing or pre-acting antagonizes the boy, while the boy can seem overly proud and egoistical to the girl. There may be differences over religious and philosophical beliefs, as well as practical difficulties in family and domestic affairs may also arise.
Leo Compatibility Reports with Taurus : The natives are prone to regard each other as threats to their ego when dealing with each other. This emotional stance makes it difficult for them to communicate in a calm and rational way and to find workable solutions to problems. The boy is likely to regard the girl as too harsh and impulsive, while the girl is likely to regard the boy as all talk and no action, vaccillating and indecisive. The natives need to exercise patience to avoid becoming irritated and annoyed with each other.
Leo Compatibility Test with Gemini : This combination can cause difficulties in communicating about their issues, especially in romantic and marital relationships. The girl may feel that the boy is too wrapped up in his own ideas and inconstant in intellectual discussions to recognize or respond to the girl's feelings, emotional and aesthetic values. The boy may regard the girl as overly sentimental and impractical. The natives may rationalize and over analyze their emotional reactions, and thus block real understanding and sensitivity to each other's feelings.
Leo Love Compatibility with Cancer : This combination indicates mutual intellectual interest and the ability to resolve problems through clear thinking and communication. The natives can co-operate effectively in the fields such as science, writing, medicine, communication media, publishing and other pursuits requiring intellectual ability. They can help each other achieve goals and objectives through stimulating each other's mental process and conveying useful information. Good communication and sharing of knowledge and know how will make work easier.
Leo Astrology Compatibility with Leo : The boy can come up with worth while constructive ideas to improve the girl's efficiency and hygiene in domestic and home affairs. The boy can help the girl gain a more relation understanding of automatic feeling responses and subconscious emotional attitudes. In turn, the girl will provide the boy with a home or base of operation for intellectual pursuits and for communications among friends and relatives. This combination also strengthen the over all compatibility in the charts.
Compatibility for Leo with Virgo : The boy may regard the girl as too self-opinionated and does use logic and reasoning, when it is essential. The girl will, in turn, regard the boy as irrational and unnecessarily go into details about general matters. At times, ego clashes could lead to heated arguments. This is also not a good combination for financial prosperity. The natives will be extravagant and suffer on this account.
Leo Compatibility Charts with Libra : This combination indicates that the natives will have similar mental view points and that there will be an ease in communication between them. The natives can over come problems and disagreements through good communication and clear thinking. They can help each other achieve goals and objectives through stimulating each other's mental process and by conveying useful information. There can be mutual interest in health, diet, clothing, hygiene and medical technology.
Leo Romance Compatibility with Scorpio : The girl, often sees the boy as too intellectual, dry and unemotional. The girl can seem too emotional, lazy and sentimental to the boy. There can be differences of opinion over handling of finances, work or business affairs. The boy may resent the tendency of the girl to spend money on what the boy considers to be unnecessary luxuries. The natives are apt to disagree in matters of dress, personal hygiene, diet or work habits.
Leo Relationship Compatibility with Sagittarius : The girl can help the boy to put ideas into action while the latter can help the girl to plan actions more effectively. This is also a good combination for co-operation in business, manufacturing / construction. The natives can have a sense of friendly mental competition and can be fond of games, such as chess, that involve strategy and skill. The natives can help each other put ideas to constructive use and direct energy into actualizing worth while ideas.
Leo Compatibility Match with Capricorn : The natives share many intellectual, spiritual and philosophical interests. The girl can help to develop wisdom and broaden the spiritual and philosophical outlook of the boy. The boy can help the girl to fill in some of the practical details in her broad philosophical outlines. This is an excellent combination for co-operation in communications work, publishing, writing, traveling, education, religion, law or philosophy. The natives tend to foster optimism and a constructive mental outlook in each other by encouraging each other to think positively.
Leo Zodiac Compatibility with Aquarius : This may not be a very conducive combination as far as progeny is concerned. There may be the danger of a miscarriage or loss of children. They develop differences of opinions on some important issues, which could also lead to hot- arguments. Both will tend to justify themselves without reaching at any conclusion. However, we give importance to the overall compatibility of the charts, if that exists, this alliance may be taken into consideration.
Leo Compatibility Meter with Pisces : This combination indicates that the natives could be unfriendly and suspicious toward each other. The girl is likely to be negative and unsympathetic toward the ideas and communication of the boy and see him as superficial and unreliable. The girl can also make heavy demands on the boy in terms of mental discipline and work. The girl may prove to be a burden on the boy or a restrictive influence on his freedom and mental independence. The natives may increase each other's tendency towards a pessimistic and negative mental outlook.