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Gemini sign compatibility with Aries : Since, this combination is not overly harmonious, natives may be insincere and hypocritical toward each other. They may pretend to express sweetness and light, while in reality, they are avoiding unpleasantness or seeking personal, social or financial gains. They can encourage each other in nonproductive, self-indulgent habits or financial extravagance. At the same time, this may not be a good combination for progeny. There may be a danger of miscarriage or premature demise of the child.
Gemini Compatibility Reports with Taurus : This is a good combination as far as creativity is concerned. The natives may be involved in some sort of research work or social upliftment. Their mind may bend towards religious activities or higher philosophy of life. But this combination does not encourage promotion of the progeny in married life, which is considered most essential. However, it does not stop the natives to have children, but miscarriage or premature demise of children may take place. If, other gunas are matched well, there is no harm to go for this alliance.
Gemini Compatibility Test with Gemini : Excellent communication between the natives is indicated by this combination. The natives stimulate each other intellectually and share many cultural, educational, scientific or literary interests. The ability of these natives to communicate and talk over any mutual difficulty can to some extent off-set adverse aspects in the rest of the comparison. The natives will encourage each other to be more out going and socially self- expressive.
Gemini Love Compatibility with Cancer : This combination favors communication and intellectual friendships and general co-operation. The boy puts power behind the girl's ideas, which enables her to both express them more forcefully and put them to practical use. The girl, in turn, gives the boy ideas and information, which stimulate power to drive and encourage creative self-expression. The natives ability to communicate enables them to resolve problems in the relationship.
Gemini Astrology Compatibility with Leo : The girl will see the boy as over bearing and insensitive. The boy will see the girl as moody, emotionally temperamental and lazy. The natives ability to adjust each other's temperament, as well as general pace and style of living is doubtful. Major disagreements about the handling of finances, business affairs and the raising of children may often arise. Frequently, family background or deep seated emotional habits or patterns, especially on the part of the girl native, give rise to problems.
Compatibility for Gemini with Virgo : The natives have many similar values and hence tend to be natural friends. The natives will support each other's creative self expression and strengthen each other's will. There is enough similarity in their creative self-expression to make for compatibility, but not so much as to cause competition. The natives are usually conscientious about their practical and moral responsibility toward each other.
Gemini Compatibility Charts with Libra : This combination tends to cause communication difficulties in a relationship. The girl sees the boy as domineering. The boy sees the girl inconsistent, vacillating, scatter brained and evasive. The girl's ideas may confuse the boy or in some way even threaten his pride. The boy's bossism may cause the girl to feel put upon or interfered with. This is not a good combination as far as financial prosperity is concerned. There could also be disputes over the handling of finances.
Gemini Romance Compatibility with Scorpio : The natives enjoy each other's company and will have lot of fun together. There is good emotional rapport, mutual sensitivity and generosity. The natives are likely to share artistic, cultural, musical or theatrical interests. Married couple with this combination enjoy raising children together, and parent-child relationships are favored. The natives will encourage each other to be more out-going and self-expressive sociality.
Gemini Relationship Compatibility with Sagittarius : In this dynamic combination, the natives support each other's efforts towards self- improvement. Both will be ambitious and energetic in improving the conditions of their lives. The natives often have a strong sense of camaraderie and friendly companion. They will share interest in out-door activities, physical sports and games. They will also develop a perfect wavelength and harmony between themselves. Family atmosphere will be full of peace and happiness. The natives always maintain a strong feeling of mutual friendship and generally respect each other's need for freedom and independence.
Gemini Compatibility Match with Capricorn : They tend to encourage each other's tendencies of self-indulgence and impracticality. There can be serious differences of opinion regarding religion, philosophy, education, ethics, etc. This combination may not be very conducive for the children. Family life could become source of some hassle due to this problem. Since, we give the importance to the over all compatibility, if it exists, there is no harm to go for this alliance.
Gemini Zodiac Compatibility with Aquarius : The boy feels repressed and squelched by the negativity of the girl. The girl is likely to feel that the boy is too impulsive and impatient and may see him as a threat to her position and authority. This combination can produce ego conflicts and a clash of wills. In a married relation, the girl will make things difficult for the boy and may even cause him to feel discouraged. For the sake of experiment, one can always welcome this alliance.
Gemini Compatibility Meter with Pisces : The girl will tend to practice restrain, discipline and organize the boy, especially where the boy's creative self-expression is involved. The boy will help the girl over come her fears, doubts, excessive conservatism and self-limitations. This combination can produce enduring friendship with a strong sense of mutual purpose and responsibility. There is much mutual energizing without competition or interference from each other's self-determination or freedom. This combination also provides the strength to the overall compatibility.