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Leo Marriage & Family Horoscope

Leo Marriage Horoscope 2014 or Free 2014 Family Horoscope for Leo : You will get married at the right age, without much difficulty. Your marriage partner will be the `Turning point in your life'. You have a very independent nature and must try to be more cooperative.
Marriage questions will remain stressed and cause problems in family matter.  Driven of the spouse could cause frictions in the matters of the family between January 26, 2014 & June 12, 2014.  Usually, you will have to show prudence and of check of your speech thus to overcome these problems.  Marriages would be a lot better after November 15 2014.  This period will see a good period and happy in marriage, even if the spouse could remain preoccupied and interested outside of the marriage also.  Like life will be positive during February, July, September and November.  Certain obstacles and the problems can arise to the course March, April and December.
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