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Astrology, as everyone knows, you can define common personality traits of each of the native signs of the Zodiac. This does not mean that all the natives of a sign are alike.

But it allows them to better understand their underlying trends, determined by the elements of the universe and their tutelary planet.
If you are Scorpio, these personality traits are especially striking .... Both feisty and proud you do not bend to life. You battle. More than a fight is an endless escalation, however, does not scare you.
Much to say right now, Scorpio friend, for you 2017 will be fully consistent with this pattern. Continuous and relentless ascent, a battle against many obstacles, however, the outcome of which will be worthy of the efforts that you have provided.

Scorpio Career Horoscope

The beginning of the year will seem trivial and perhaps even tasteless. Concerns 2017 hang in the memory, the cold freezes enthusiasm, humdrum habits reassures and weighs at once. But soon comes the second quarter, bursting with the sap of spring. It's time for you to free yourself from certain obligations that plague your schedule and consider new projects. You will fight until the summer to impose your ideas and overcome resistance but each day will bring its stone to your building. And you, whose motto could be "deal" you'll use all the assets you have under your charisma and all the resources of your fighting to achieve your goals. And the chance you will. Know the type. So be attentive to all the events that will occur in your social environment. Some of them will offer unexpected opportunities.

Scorpio Love Horoscope

In love as in your professional life, the first quarter of 2017 will be calm or sad. You have experienced disappointments and sorrows and all that still clouded your mind. Do not be alarmed. This is a time of hibernation rather than large elk. But you will see that gradually wakes up your love life. Your horoscope will light and the need to live more intensely will be imperative.

If you're a couple, spring will suggest new ideas to shake up the routine and rekindle the flame. Sometimes just a romantic getaway or a change of pace for love seems brand new ... and you to live a splendid summer.

Astrology Tips for Scorpio

Be careful not to jump on every opportunity without thinking, be careful because it is the choices that need to step back and lucidly. So be careful in everything you do and whatever you decide. If you can manage your efforts and the progress of your projects, autumn 2017 will reward you by giving you a wonderful view of your future.

Scorpio Health Horoscope

This is a form of wisdom and detachment that will protect you the best minor ailments unpleasant mostly be felt when you're not in shape. But this year you are away from them with the support of Saturn, which will also mitigate the effect of all matters relating to dental or bone pain. This is not the time to let go of all this, on the contrary, take the opportunity to visit your dentist and cure time what needs to be quiet for once and for all! If you arrive in your fight against reckless at these levels, you will avoid trouble later this winter. From September, you will experience increased energy, which will boost your muscle strain. Keep your sense of proportion!