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New Year Horoscope 2017

During the year 2017, we strongly suffer the effects of Saturn in Sagittarius entered September 18, and will remain there until 2017. 
Saturn quiet fire of Sagittarius, moderates the minds and supports the improvement of living standards . 
We seek comfort, not so much material but a true inner being, quality of life, serenity enhanced by a deep sense of values typical of Sagittarius. But Saturn increases firmness and intransigence; therefore an inertia climate, slow float in the air, enhanced by the joint influences of Uranus and Pluto. 
This will feel especially at the individual level, things will be pushed back, nothing will really be done timely and it will therefore deal throughout this year 2017 with often significant delays and in which one considers the consequences often.
A Uranus-Pluto dissonance will increase the insecurity and uncertainty, instability will cause common and in some signs an internal disorder and questions that will be hard to find answer. 
Fortunately, 2017 will also benefit from good planetary aspects, especially in the signs of the bull, cancer of the virgo and Sagittarius. These beneficial influx will bring an atmosphere of gentleness, openness to others and productive activity.

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