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gemini love horoscope and astrology prediction for man and women

1. Free Gemini Love Horoscope : An important new relationship may be in the stars for you this Year, Gemini. You may find yourself meeting more than one eligible potential if you get out to some holiday social gatherings.

The fluctuations would be present in life in love, all to the long one. You will remain active regarding love, even if the phase of strong activity of the four last months would be January 2 reflux .

Relations would remain active, but perturbed until the end of April one . Beyond May, you will find an increase of the social activity, although love and relations would go in nightlight. You will do a lot of friends from May . You are likely to have pleasure and a stimulating experience. Do not waste your energy to find relations. Are yourself. Relations would come naturally. Try to find more time to rest and relax, and pamper yourself a little bit. It will pay off in an enhanced appearance and better luck in love.

Good time for the love during May, July and October .