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GEMINI Horoscope Compatibility with ARIES : Both are brilliant, bright and full of power. They enjoy the different type of sexual pleasures and never get bored in bed. Aries is capable of conveying his message to Gemini he want. Aries is excited about unpredictable Gemini rather then annoyed. Compatibility horoscope Gemini foresees a beautiful relationship with good future for a enduring association.  
GEMINI Horoscope Compatibility with TAURUS : Taurus are domineering by nature, can't put a regular wish of Gemini to flirt. Gemini always avoid Taurus, who puts confines to their liberty. In sex Taurus is normal for Gemini and Taurus not have security required for him. These signs are incompatible. Compatibility horoscope Gemini Predict less romance as the most possible alternate of these relationships.

GEMINI Horoscope Compatibility with GEMINI : Both partner may be happy for both sides, but won't last long. Physical magnetism will vanish, and compatibility horoscope Gemini says that relations will result in confusion. Both signs are impetuous, inclined to flirt and simply get fed up. A love is vicious, but marriage may turn to a disaster. In exceptional cases this match is feasible and it will be the good understanding couple.

GEMINI Horoscope Compatibility with CANCER : This combination is risky. Cancer is very responsive and reticent to reveal his thoughts. Gemini plays a love game and Cancer takes it seriously. Cancer needs endorsement, while Gemini is open-hearted. A difference in temperaments is a source of constant problems in bed. The relationship is not very good, marriage is miserable.

GEMINI Horoscope Compatibility with LEO : Simple Leo is a toy in the hands of Gemini - and be please with it! Gemini are intelligent and varied in a sexual game, and Leo e admired by the behavior of his partner. Leo allows to Gemini to go their own way. This partnership is perfect.  Cooperation is splendid and admirable; a more sturdy relationship is quite possible.  

GEMINI Horoscope Compatibility with VIRGO : Virgo consider Gemini an adolescent lover. Gemini gets bore with Vergo. Virgo has certain concept of sexual behavior, while Gemini are always unsure. After the flame of obsession has been burnt, Virgo grumble and criticize Gemini, who looks for entertainment outside the relationship. A short, like a vivid flash, romance won't be lengthy.
GEMINI Horoscope Compatibility with LIBRA : An interesting and lovable couple. Both are passionate and make love often. No one of them is envious by nature; their temperaments balance to each other. Both like experiments relating to sex. The relationship is enjoyable for both of them, and marriage is good and acceptable. 

GEMINI Horoscope Compatibility with SCORPIO : You are sexually like-minded, but think that physical attraction is not the most important thing. Scorpio is protective. Gemini are disloyal. Sometimes Scorpio is too violent and Gemini won't tolerate it. After a adoring beginning relationship cool down fast and even may become adverse. This couple rarely be happy in marriage.

GEMINI Horoscope Compatibility with SAGITTARIUS : Both are impatient, change their mind quickly and are not sincere lovers. Gemini does not like the behavior of Sagittarius in bed. There are many pathetic points in this relationship, but the strong point is that both are not demanding and don't want to limit one's freedom. A relation will start abruptly and may abruptly end as well. Compatibility horoscope Gemini predict that a happy marriage would be possible, but it require efforts from both sides. 

GEMINI Horoscope Compatibility with CAPRICORN : Gemini love freedom and are very impatient for a conventional Capricorn. There is nothing appeal to Capricorn in sexual behavior of Gemini. Capricorn is afraid about work, money, profession that means not only physical needs. He thinks that Gemini are imaginative and planning too much. The relationship is not very good a happy marriage can't be predicted.

GEMINI Horoscope Compatibility with AQUARIUS : Gemini are sensitive and understand guess fantasies of Aquarius. They are liable to be creative lovers, looking for adventures. According to compatibility horoscope Gemini are unpredicted. Love relationship won't go efficiently all the time, but may be extremely exciting and fulfilling. If relationship does not work out they keep friend ship alive. A marriage will be a pleasant one, eminent by deep affection rather then passion.   
GEMINI Horoscope Compatibility with PISCES : Both sign believe in sexual fantasies, but this couple rarely put them into life. Pisces are too touchy for Gemini, who enjoy a solo moment and look for instant pleasure. This creates an atmosphere of distrust and suspect. A real love may arise between them, but unstableness of relations break this unity.  Compatibility horoscope Gemini predict a risky and an unhappy marriage.