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Dog Chinese Horoscope

Free Dog Chinese Horoscope 2014 : Due to venus's lordship they are slow and steady,patient and persistent, determined and dogmatic. They can put up with a lot of provoction. They will wait until it is wise to act. They are straight forward & natural. One can depend on their opinions as they do not jump to conclusions. They are unbiased and honest. When they are provoked to anger they become wild with rage.

Chinese astrological prediction for Dog 2014 : They will be violent and unrelenting. Being both an earthy and fixed sign, the natives will have a sharp eye on money, worldly possessions and impelling appetite for food preferring sweets. They will worship money and those which money can buy. They are fond of ease, comfort and feast.

Chinese Dog Compatibility : The Tiger is specially the most suitable to be partner of the Dog, and the two are usually attracted to each other at first sight. Other compatible Signs with the Dog are those born in the years of the Rabbit and the Horse. Incompatible with Dragon, Sheep, Ox, and Rooster.
Rat : Ox : Tiger : Rabbit
Dragon : Snake : Horse : Sheep
Monkey : Rooster : Dog : Pig
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