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Cancer Marriage & Family Horoscope

Cancer Marriage Horoscope 2014 or Free 2014 Family Horoscope for Cancer : Indications are that marriage could be delayed due to the negative effect of saturn. You will be very loyal to your partner but, at the same time, very demanding.
A positive year in marriage terms as well as relations.  There would be not a lot of important changes or of events this year, although the beginning of the year 2014 will see an important movement in love and life.  If you already are in a relation, certain bias could produce itself in love and to your partner, after May 2 2014. negative feelings will take it.  It ya of the luck of certain deceptioies in love also after May 2014 and therefore to be prudent.
Relations with the spouse would be good as a whole, although his spouse could be distracted by moments.  There could be interference of foreigners in your relation, that you should avoid and to watch out.  Relation with the spouse would be difficult between January 26 & June 12 2014.  Avoid useless controversies.
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