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Birthday Horoscope for October 6

If your Birthday is October 6 and yourZodiac Sign is Libra

Personal ruling planets: Venus
Lucky colours: White & cream, rose & pink
Lucky gems: Diamond, white sapphire, quartz crystal
Lucky days: Friday, Saturday, Wednesday
Lucky numbers: 6, 15, 24, 33, 42, 51, 60, 69, 78

People born on October 6 live each day as if it were the last. As a result they are one of the most alive and spontaneous individuals of the year. Every day for them is an adventure and an opportunity to fall in love with anyone or anything.

Romantic adventurers at heart, these people are driven by an irresistible urge to savor as many stimulations and sensations as life has to offer. They adore novelty and will waste no time in gathering as much information as possible before moving on to the next big adventure. Although their need to be stimulated is strong, they are not selfish people because their need to identify with and help others by means of their discoveries is equally strong.

After the age of seventeen they will reach a turning point in their lives, finding a growing need for emotional intensity, personal power and transformation. During this time there will be many opportunities for them to deepen their emotional commitment to others and they need to take advantage of these. This is because although they are often highly valued by their friends as a delight to have around, others may grow tired of their endless optimism and seeming inability to take into account the darker, more complex and deeper aspects of life. It is almost as if a part of them is like the romantic star of a story, with their character lacking depth and definition. However, once they start to understand that life cannot always be sunshine and roses and that suffering—however distressing—is essential to psychological growth, their life will become infinitely more exciting and rewarding.

After the age of forty-seven people born on this day are likely to become more freedom loving and willing to take risks emotionally and professionally; there may be opportunities for them to expand their minds and lives by traveling or studying. Whatever age they are, however, their versatile, energetic and inspirational contribution to the world draws luck and success to them, exerting a magnetic attraction on those around them.

Say yes to: Reality, purposefulness, a plan of action

Don't give in to: Frittering away time, escapism, unwise love

You share your birthday with: Vinod Khanna, Elizabeth Shue, Amy Jo Johnson, Carole Lombard, Naomi Striemer, Jeremy Sisto and Ioan Gruffudd.

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