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Birthday Horoscope for October 2

If your Birthday is October 2 and yourZodiac Sign is Libra

Personal ruling planets: Venus, Moon
Lucky colours: Cream, white, green
Lucky gems: Moonstone, pearl
Lucky days: Monday, Thursday, Sunday
Lucky numbers: 2, 11, 20, 29, 38, 47, 56, 65, 74

In whatever situation they find themselves, the favored approach of people born on October 2 is a direct one. They like to talk, think and act quickly and decisively, and the graceful ease and certainty with which they go about their business endow them with tremendous potential.

These people will not hesitate to let others know exactly where they stand, but what impresses others most about them is that they are compelling conversationalists with considerable knowledge on a wide variety of subjects. It will not be unusual to find them deep in conversation with a sparkle in their eye because they love to stimulate their minds with intelligent talk. Although they enjoy talking, they also understand the importance of listening and are forever hungry for new information and ideas, eager to hear what others have to contribute. In fact, they tend to be more at home in the world of ideas and words than in the world of feelings and emotions.

Although the lively, inquisitive and candid approach of these people is refreshing and exciting for some people, for those more sensitive they can come across as unfeeling, ruthless and upsetting. It is therefore important for their psychological growth and their professional development that they learn to express their disagreement or disapproval in ways that are not overly negative or confrontational.

At the age of twenty they will reach a turning point that highlights a growing need for emotional change and personal transformation. In the years that follow they are likely to become more committed and decisive, and it is essential that they are more sensitive in their relationships with others and don’t hide behind a mask of cynicism. This is because when they are able to lean toward the positive rather than the negative, and can encourage rather than discourage people with their intelligent insights, these charming conversationalists have the potential not just to entertain and enlighten, but to enlist and direct the support of others in the collective pursuit of their inspirational cause.

Say yes to: Transfiguration, religiosity, values

Don't give in to: Destructive impulses, self-righteousness, rages

You share your birthday with: Mohandas Gandhi, Asha Parekh, Ayumi Hamasaki, Kelly Ripa, Tara Lynne Barr, Wallace Stevens, Groucho Marx, Graham Greene, John Sinclair, Sting, Jana Novotna, Tiffany and Tara Moss.

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