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Birthday Horoscope for October 18

If your Birthday is October 18 and yourZodiac Sign is Libra

Personal ruling planets: Venus, Mars
Lucky colours: Red, maroon, scarlet, autumn tones
Lucky gems: Red coral, garnet
Lucky days: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday
Lucky numbers: 9, 18, 27, 36, 45, 54, 63, 72

People born on October 18 often have a regal, dignified air about them; from their early years expectations will have been high for them to achieve great success. As the years go by, more often than not they do fulfill those expectations by rising to the top; but although they long to make their mark on the world, another part of them longs to run away and hide.

With all the imagination, intellect and talent to blaze exciting trails in life, their need for the approval of others can crush their self-esteem and stop them developing to their full potential. Perhaps in childhood they were criticized or neglected too much; lasting feelings of inadequacy and insecurity continue to haunt them, however successful they are. It is therefore vital for their psychological growth that they work on rebuilding their vulnerable self-esteem. If they don’t, they will be like reeds blown in the wind, flying high when others applaud them but falling down when the praise or support isn’t there.

From the age of five until the age of thirty-five there is a growing emphasis for people born on this day on emotional change, power and transformation, and opportunities will be presented to them to take control of their lives. They must take advantage of these by becoming more proactive and saying “no” to others who seek to take advantage of them. Once they get a handle on their insecurities and realize their own worth, there is nothing they cannot achieve. When they approach their forties and beyond, there is another turning point when life will call upon them to be more adventurous, and it is more important than ever for them to leave self-doubt aside.

This is because once they see what everybody else sees and realize what creative, courageous and inspirational individuals they really are, they have the potential not just to promote the happiness of themselves and others but to be an inspirational force for the common good.

Say yes to: Accountability, commitment to causes, spirituality

Don't give in to: Recklessness, self-admiration, a quarrelsome nature

You share your birthday with: Om Puri, Nicholas Culpeper, D.T. Suzuki, Mike Ditka, Chuck Berry, George C. Scott, Martina Navratilova, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Angela Visser and Erin J Dean.

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