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Birthday Horoscope for June 2

If your Birthday is June 2 and your Zodiac Sign is Gemini

Personal ruling planets: Mercury, Moon
Lucky colours: Cream, white, green
Lucky gems: Moonstone, pearl
Lucky days: Monday, Thursday, Sunday
Lucky numbers: 2, 11, 20, 29, 38, 47, 56, 65, 74

Lucky people understand that every day in their lives, including those that are without highlights, is unique and special; they never waste an opportunity to feel positive and upbeat about their lives.

Analytical and intense, people born on June 2 have a talent for unraveling complicated situations. Their lives are rarely problem-free, but they would have it no other way. They are at their happiest when they are testing their ingenuity; if life won’t present them with problems to overcome, their natural response is to seek them out.

Their lives rarely run smoothly but they thrive during times of crisis; as quick-witted individuals who can readily analyze and adapt to a situation, they often devise an effective solution or course of action. They can be the lifesavers who restore order, but their addiction to new stimuli or challenges can also work against them by unnecessarily complicating their lives and their relationships when things are running smoothly. Co-workers, for example, may resent their habit of playing devil’s advocate and injecting difficulties into simple procedures; when a close relationship is going well they may develop bad habits like lateness or disorganization that threaten it.

The enthusiasm they have for problems and complications can attract them to people and causes that are troubled or unworthy. It is important that they remember the greatest challenge of all for them does not lie in the outside world but in getting to know themselves better. Between the ages of nineteen and forty-ninethere are numerous opportunities for them to become more emotionally aware and tuned into themselves. They should take advantage of these because they offer great potential for fulfillment. After the age of fifty they enter a period of growing vitality and confidence.

If they can learn to focus less on external stimuli for a sense of fulfillment and more on their own talents and imaginative powers, their potential for success in whatever area of life they choose to focus on is limitless because they have highly developed intuitive powers. When directed to a cause that is worthy of them, these intuitive powers will lead them toward the satisfying sense of fulfillment that can only be gained from accessing their own unique and potentially spell-binding creativity.

Say yes to: Acts of daring, professional advice, adaptability

Don't give in to: Doubts, constant criticism of yourself and others, gloating

You share your birthday with: Nitish Bharadwaj, Thomas Hardy, Hedda Hopper, Johnny Weismuller, Dana Carvey and Nikki Cox.

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