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Birthday Horoscope for June 28

If your Birthday is June 28 and your Zodiac Sign is Cancer

Personal ruling planets: Moon, Sun
Lucky colours: Copper, gold
Lucky gem: Ruby
Lucky days: Sunday, Monday, Thursday
Lucky numbers: 1, 10, 19, 28, 37, 46, 55, 64, 73, 82

People born on June 28 are often focused and driven individuals, but they also have a sense of fun and lightness that permeates their lives. They can also laugh at themselves if the joke is on them and don’t take themselves too seriously. Motivated and enterprising, they eagerly latch onto every opportunity to further their plans and endeavors.

They can typically be counted on to break the tension at any social gathering, their sharp wit turning the spotlight on them and winning them many admirers. Occasionally they can block their good fortune by taking easy shots that offend their targets, but they mainly aim to surprise and delight. Although they have a light-hearted quality about them, it’s a mistake to underestimate their ability in the competitive world as underneath their funloving exterior they have an iron will and a facility to turn their visions into reality.

Sometimes they may be accused of disorganization because they like to be on the go; if they aren’t moving, dancing or running they will probably be fidgeting, but the quality of the work they produce is anything but chaotic. Others will wonder how someone so lighthearted makes difficult tasks look so easy. What others don’t realize is that they have worked as hard as everyone else, sometimes harder, but instead of complaining or reminding others of how tough things are, they simply get on with it and “effortlessly” generate quality results.

There is no denying that these people like to be the center of attention; their mischievous good humor well suits the spotlight. They do need to be aware, however, that their longing to be noticed may be the result of hidden fears and insecurities. In their early life they may have been painfully shy but after the age of twenty-three they gain a much-needed boost of strength and confidence. If they can take advantage of the opportunities to build their selfesteem, they have within them the determination to become an advisor or authority figure that others admire, respect and hope to emulate.

Say yes to: Common sense, good nature, placidity

Don't give in to: Hasty actions, hurting others, mendacity

You share your birthday with: Henry V111, Jean Jacques Rousseau, Luigi Pirandello, Richard Rodgers, Eric Ambler, Mel Brooks, Kathy Bates, John Cusack and Mary Stuart Masterson.

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