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Birthday Horoscope for June 18

If your Birthday is June 18 and your Zodiac Sign is Gemini

Personal ruling planets: Mercury, Mars
Lucky colours: Red, maroon, scarlet, autumn tones
Lucky gems: Red coral, garnet
Lucky days: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday
Lucky numbers: 9, 18, 27, 36. 45, 54, 63, 72

People born on June 18 often have a charming manner and a likable vitality that uplifts everyone they meet. Their instant likability, however, conceals an insightful mind and a serious head for responsibility and business. They place as high a priority on meeting their personal, financial and professional goals as they do on being popular.

Whether they realize it or not, their personality has a lasting effect on others and, even if not physically present, their influence will be felt in some way. They possess a perceptive and highly intuitive mentality, and when this is combined with their sharp wit and quirky sense of fun they manage to get their point across effectively without causing offence. This makes it hard for others to forget them. Their ability to leave a lasting impact gives them potential for leadership, although they need to be careful that they don’t abuse this power and become manipulative.

Although they enjoy attention, and popularity comes naturally to them, they are also good at reciprocating it, especially when it comes to helping others. They will often be indefatigable fighters for the rights of others and make witty and dramatic speakers and doers who refuse to tolerate injustice. Despite their sincerity and intelligence, they need to be entertained and can get easily bored. Their need for constant change, challenge and excitement can make them behave erratically and occasionally selfishly. They need to learn to be more consistent and disciplined in their approach to people and situations.

Until the age of thirty-two they may focus on emotional security but after the age of thirty-three they become more self-expressive and assertive. They should ensure that they don’t fritter away their considerable talents during these years by a “grass is always greener” mentality. Once they learn to be grateful for what they already have, they will discover a capacity for spiritual achievement. This is the key to their creativity and their ability to make a positive impression on all those lucky enough to cross their path.

Say yes to: Sensitivity, participation, inner path

Don't give in to: Ruthlessness, stubborn streak, petulance

You share your birthday with: E.G. Marshall, Sammy Cahn, Richard Boone, Paul McCartney, Jeanette McDonald and Isabella Rossellini.

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