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Birthday Horoscope for June 14

If your Birthday is June 14 and your Zodiac Sign is Gemini

Personal ruling planets: Mercury
Lucky colours: Green
Lucky gems: Emerald, aquamarine or jade
Lucky days: Wednesday, Friday, Saturday
Lucky numbers: 5, 14, 23, 32, 41, 50, 59, 68, 77

The bold individuals born on June 14 often have a powerful desire to take charge of people or situations, whether these are co-workers, friends or family, or projects that need to be supervised. Their instinctive urge to take control stems from their ability to observe what is going on around them and sum up quickly what needs to be done and who needs to do it.

The supreme confidence they have in their convictions is the result of their strong self-belief and their inability to stand on the sidelines when work needs to be done. It’s no surprise that they often make inspirational and dynamic leaders, but their actions can sometimes be perceived as bossy and abrupt by those who prefer to make their own minds up. Unfortunately, when their methods or behavior are challenged they can become impatient and confrontational, and this can work against them, especially in their personal relationships. It is important for them to make a real effort to anticipate the reactions that their forcefulness can arouse in others.

Until the age of thirty-seven they may focus on their emotional security, and it is important during these years that they take advantage of opportunities to develop a greater awareness and consideration of the feelings of others. After the age of thirty-eight they enter a period of increased strength and confidence and, given their already well-developed self-confidence, they need to make sure that their direct approach does not tip over into arrogant certainty as this will alienate others from them.

Above all, they have clear-cut and strong opinions, together with a compulsion to take uncompromising direct action to achieve their far-sighted visions. They are also willing to work very hard, making considerable sacrifices for the people or causes close to their heart. Once they learn to respect the sensitivities of others, they have the potential not just to be outstanding supervisors but to make outstanding leaders and contributors to whatever field they choose to devote their prodigious energies, forthright opinions and powerful intellect.

Say yes to: Decisiveness, organization, spirit of leadership

Don't give in to: Egocentricity, self-doubt, being argumentative

You share your birthday with: Burl Ives, Dorothy McGuire, Gene Barry, Will Patton, Steffi Graf, Michael Cade and Linda Tran.

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